Tuesday, 20 March 2012

My Domestic Disasters

I love being in the kitchen, over the years I have become quite good as rustling something out of nothing (handy when you are a poor student).

When my daughter was born a really got into baking and I have a soft spot for Cupcakes which is one of my 3 C’s (Chocolate, Coffee and Cupcakes).

Some successes 

I also have cupboards full of gadgets from electric knifes (a Christmas present!) to cupcake makers, bread makers and my new food mixers.

I may be a domestic goddess now *cough* but I haven’t always been successful in the kitchen:

There was the time when I put orange juice in the mash potatoes instead of milk. In my defence they were in the same coloured carton!

My first attempt at Christmas was a slight disaster. I took the turkey out of the freezer the day before but in my wisdom but it in the microwave and it didn’t defrost in time for Christmas lunch. This is why we now have our Christmas dinner at 4 in the afternoon I started a new tradition that day.

When I made my first ever cake I filled in with too much jam and cream and it oozed everywhere. Though it was rather nice.

More recently after making some homemade meatballs I discovered I do not like cumin. Thankfully OH does and they have been frozen for him to take to work for lunch.

It’s not always my fault when it goes wrong like when my microwave exploded or my cooker decided to die on me on Christmas eve! I managed nearly a whole just using the tiny top oven, that was fun.

My domestic disasters have made me a better cook and baker as I’ve learnt from my mistakes and it’s fun to experiment, though I don’t recommend you putting orange juice in your potatoes!

I am applying to be a Morhpy Richards innovator with Foodies100.

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Bargain Kitchen Buy: Food Mixer from Aldi £34.99

I love a good bargain, especially on something that I really, really want! I am also a huge fan of Aldi my local is a 5 minute walk away and I buy quite a bit from there.

I love their special buys that they have twice a week you can often get some great products at great prices. In the past I have had two cast iron pans and they are just as good as Le Creuset (I have both).

I was very excited last wee when I saw that they were going to be selling Classic Food Mixers for £34.99. I have been after one for ages but they can be quite expensive. So on Thursday I dropped BG off at preschool and rushed to Aldi to buy my food mixer and here it is...

Pretty isn't she?

I couldn't wait to try her out so I whipped up a batch of fairy cakes!

It was really easy to set up and it worked a treat.

Great value for £34.99 and it comes with 3 years warranty, oh and dough hooks!

Its worth keeping you eye on Aldi that have some cracking deals.

This is NOT a review or sponsored post I bought it myself with my own money. 

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

The In Season Challenge - Apples

As per usual I am running behind on the blog so this month's challenge is a little late.

This months chosen In Season ingredient is Apples and what a lovely collection of recipes you come up with!

Over at Cheetah in My Shoes they are baking Spiced Apple Cakes

Its Apple Crumble Muffins at Bangers and Mash and on the crumble theme Ali at Plus2.4 has a great recipe for Baked Apple and Plum Crumble. I do like a crumble!

Apples aren't just for sweet dishes as these last two  show.

Tasha from WAHM-BAM! has been making the most of the lovely weather we had and has been making Salads, including Apple, Pear, Strawberry and Cheese Salad and Apple, Carrot and Celery Salad.

Ali from Over a Cuppa has two recipes for us Sausage & Apple Bake and Little Apple Sponges

Thank you so much for taking part I know have some amazing recipes to try out. 

I have managed to secure a little prize for my favourite recipe which this week is the Apple Crumble Muffins by Bangers and Mash.

You win a copy of Marshmallow Madness which packed full of marshmallow recipes. Its available to pre order from Amazon for £8.15

I will be setting the next challenge on Monday! 

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Treat Your Mum To A Tea Party

One of my favourite things to do with my girl friends is to have a tea party. They make fantastic Birthday celebrations, Baby Shower themes or great for a plain old girlie catch up. 

However, they work fantastically for spoiling your Mum on Mothers Day. They are low cost, easy to organise and avoid the high priced resturant meals that these occasions usually bring. If there are a few siblings then why not all pitch in with the preperations.

With a few pretty flowers and a table cloth you can soon make tea and sandwiches look too good to resist. 

You dont have to spend a fortune on tea sets either. I managed to find 6 cups, saucers and side plates for just £3.50 in a local charity shop. They dont have to match either, you can create a stunning table using a mixture of old and new.
Home made sugar cubes add colour to the table as do a few odd flowers in milk bottles.

Food Suggestions

The main thing to keep in mind is small and simple. Think finger food for adults. 

I love that tea party food is quick and simply to make. Even younger children can help with the preperations and make an effort to spoil mummy on Mothers Day.