Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Review: Twinings Tea

Last week a lovely box of tea arrived from Twinings Tea Shop. As I am pregnant they kindly sent me decaf versions.

I was sent Early Grey, English Breakfast Tea, Green Tea and Lemongrass and Lavender.

It was a hard task trying them all out. I have had Earl Grey and English breakfast before I really like them. I find English Breakfast is a good all day tea. I like Earl Grey in the afternoon with a slice of cake or a biscuit.

I hadn’t had the other two before so it was nice trying the new teas. The Green Tea is a bit of an acquired taste but very refreshing I found.

The Lemongrass and Lavender has a very subtle taste and is perfect just before bed and the Lavender helps aid sleep, perfect for anyone that needs a little help at bed time.

I do love Twinings teas and Everyday tea is one of my favourites.  I think I am going to give Redbush tea a go next time as it’s naturally caffeine free.

Thank you very much Twinings *goes off to out the kettle on*

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