Thursday, 15 March 2012

Bargain Kitchen Buy: Food Mixer from Aldi £34.99

I love a good bargain, especially on something that I really, really want! I am also a huge fan of Aldi my local is a 5 minute walk away and I buy quite a bit from there.

I love their special buys that they have twice a week you can often get some great products at great prices. In the past I have had two cast iron pans and they are just as good as Le Creuset (I have both).

I was very excited last wee when I saw that they were going to be selling Classic Food Mixers for £34.99. I have been after one for ages but they can be quite expensive. So on Thursday I dropped BG off at preschool and rushed to Aldi to buy my food mixer and here it is...

Pretty isn't she?

I couldn't wait to try her out so I whipped up a batch of fairy cakes!

It was really easy to set up and it worked a treat.

Great value for £34.99 and it comes with 3 years warranty, oh and dough hooks!

Its worth keeping you eye on Aldi that have some cracking deals.

This is NOT a review or sponsored post I bought it myself with my own money. 


  1. I'm thinking of buying a food processor too and some are over my budget! I love the cupcakes!

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  3. Hi! These will be coming back in in a week or so at Aldi and I was thinking of picking one up. How has this held up over a year?

    I owned a Moulinex blender for over 10 years & recently replaced it with a new Moulinex mixer that died after just two - So thought couldn't do any harm to try the Aldi Delta Blender - which in comparison with the Moulinex one is like something worth 3x the price. On that basis, I wouldn't mind trying this out.

    1. I still use it, its held up really well

  4. Hi there.

    I was just wondering if the bowl moved as well or whether it was just the mixer that worked?

    Kind regards,


  5. Thanks for that! I waited too long in the end and of course it disappeared. Next time maybe! :) Or I save up for something with more oomph!

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  7. Would just like to thank Carol for the great information. This is coming back to Aldi on the 10 April and I was considering getting one. I am looking forward to getting one now. I am glad that it held up for 1 year for you, but did it hold up for 2 just curious?

    Thanks again

  8. I thought I had posted a comment but I can't see it so I will try again.
    I have just purchased a food mixer from Aldi and was excited to use it. However I had a problem creaming the butter and sugar. I just could not get it to combine. What did I do wrong - I am presuming it is operator error as my mixture did not look like your photos. Did I not let it run long enough or should I have moved the slide lever around? I had mixture well and truly stuck to the side of the bowl. I would be grateful for your suggestions. Thanks.


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