Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Review - Primula

Many of you will be aware of Primula, its basically cheese in a squeezy tube. I remember my mum buying this when I was at school and using it in my sandwiches. I have never really thought any further a field than just putting it in sandwiches.

When Primula contacted Make It Bake It with a selection of recipes and the offer to receive some of their products I was intrigued as to what else you could use Primula for.

In our household I am the main person in charge of menu planning, shopping and most of the midweek cooking. Thankfully Snaffles is very good and will eat almost anything. Mr C on the other hand is far more fussy. He won’t eat pasta, he is generally a meat and veg man but will only eat beef or chicken products. Planning meals that fit this criteria soon become repetitive and boring.

I am always on the lookout for a new meal that passes the Snaffles household test.

I tried the Primula recipie for cheese and ham pasties. Here are a few photographs of my efforts along the way together with one of the finished article. 

They were very easy to make and got the thumbs up from everyone. Snaffles cleared his plate and Mr C ate my left over’s and took the spare pastie to work for his packed lunch. In terms of a review from Snaffles and Mr C, clearing your plate and eating left over’s are the highest possible reviews. It’s a big thumbs up to Primula from the Snaffles household and another recipe I can add to my recipie binder.

I have lots of tubes left so I am going to try out a few more of the Primula recipes and serving suggestions. I suspect that using their original cheese flavour as a sauce for pasta is going to become one of my secret weapons for an easy lunch for me and Snaffles.

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