Saturday, 5 March 2011

Fairtrade Fortnight Spotlight– Harry’s Nuts

I never thought I would be writing a review on Harry Hill’s Nuts and especially not on a food blog but here I am!

I have to admit I’m not a great fan of Harry Hill the comedian but Harry Hill the man is very interesting.

Harry teamed up with Liberation to start his own range of Fairtrade nuts.
This is what they say

Harry Hill is nuts about peanuts and nuts about Fairtrade so he came up with the idea of Harry’s Nuts!. Harry makes no money from these salted peanuts and salted cashews and he’s closely involved in the taste and packaging of the nuts. He helps us decide on the levels of salt and how long they are roasted. He’s also visited the peanut farmers in Malawi who grow the peanuts for Harry’s Nuts!

We were sent a sample of Harry’s nuts to try (just sounds wrong). My other half munched away on them and said they were really nice. Nice and crunchy, just what you look for in a good nut.

So if you are looking for some nibbles try Harry Hill’s nuts not only are they tasty but you will be helping those nut farmers in Malawi survive.

They come in two varieties Salted Peanuts and Salted Cashews. You can buy them at Waitrose, Sainsbury’s and selected other stockists

By Carol 

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